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Snap On Smile

What is Snap-On Smile?
Snap-On Smile is a comfortable, removable dental appliance that involves no drilling, filing down of existing tooth structure, injections, cementation nor adhesives.  Its patented design is flexible, incredibly strong, and functional. The slightly flexible material (acetyl resin) used in the fabrication of Snap-On Smile  allows it to expand over the teeth and hug them tightly so the patient can eat and speak without the appliance coming loose or shifting.
Snap-On Smile  does not impinge on the gum tissue nor cover the palate, as its retention is completely tooth-borne.  Snap-On Smile  is non-invasive and easily removable, making it completely reversible.
Of what kind of material is it made?
Snap-On Smile  is made of a crystallized acetyl resin, which makes it more durable and stain resistant, as opposed to acrylic. This material also allows the Snap-On Smile®  appliance to be as thin as .5mm without compromising its strength. It is the only appliance that can be fabricated with varying thicknesses to afford a more natural contour and look. The non-toxic material is also used in heart valve replacements and other minor applications in dentistry.  In fact, NASA uses it in craft cabinetry for its durability.  Snap-On Smile  is durable, resists stains from cigarettes, wine and coffee, and allows patients to eat while wearing it. It is very strong and polishes beautifully.
Does Snap-On Smile® come in different shades like crowns and dentures do?  Can it be customized? 
Your dentist in Irving and patient can choose from several shades and smile shapes, providing an array of choices for this custom fitted appliance. It can be made to cover a quadrant, or full upper and/or lower arches to fit almost any patient’s needs. Upper and lower appliances can be worn simultaneously.
Who is a candidate for Snap-On Smile?
Patients looking for a non-invasive, reversible, affordable approach to permanent restorative and cosmetic dentistry are excellent candidates for Snap-On Smile.  It’s an easy, quick and affordable solution for patients who want to quickly feel better, look better, and function better.
For many patients, Snap-On Smile  gives them options they never had before. It is a great solution for patients who are unable to receive permanent improvements, such as crowns, veneers, and implants because they are medically compromised, their age precludes them from extensive treatments, or they are simply afraid to have extensive dental work done. Older patients with medical conditions such as cancer or heart disease may not be candidates for implants or bridges. Snap-On Smile  can alleviate dental issues and help these patients achieve a more pleasing smile in the interim or long-term.  In some cases of periodontal disease, it can be used as a temporary splint for mobile teeth while the patient undergoes treatment. Patients going through implant surgery can use it as a temporary retainer.  With Snap-On Smile®, patients can easily maintain excellent oral hygiene.  Snap-On Smile  is also ideal for those patients considering a more permanent restoration like veneers, as the appliance allows them to preview their new smile.